What our Clients Say:
Cash Flow - Since the implementation of PHBS and AR2000 we have realized a quicker turnaround in collections resulting in a more consistent and predictable cash flow.
Account Status Reporting - Before AR2000 it was difficult to obtain a timely and accurate snapshot of basic accounting functions of our billing activities. Now in minutes we can view the accounts receivable, pending accounts, write-offs, payer mixes, and other variables which allow us to make more informed financial decisions regarding our operations, budgeting, and forecasting.

Data Mining - AR2000 has been able to generate timely and relevant financial and operational reports (call volumes, dispositions, supply utilization, etc.) which have allowed us to not only to have an improved insight on our operations, but also provide an appropriate and timely response to trends in data and performance measures.

At our current fee scale we have realized a significant return on investment over services offered by other local, regional and national billing agencies.

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Ambulance providers take care of people.  PHBS takes care of ambulance providers.

Ambulance billing is a very specific and complicated process. Smart ambulance providers are looking to outsource their accounts receivable due to the ever-changing environment, associated with frequent fluctuations and new regulations.

The highly qualified professional staff at PHBS specializes in EMS billing.  From original billings to pre-collection activity, PHBS does it all for you. 

Let PHBS take care of your accounts receivables.